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Spawn of Griffith | Winter sucks (most of the time)

Winter sucks (most of the time)

Wednesday January 16, 2008 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

It has been so insanely cold these past few weeks, it feels like I moved back to Iowa. (Yes, I used to live there—I’ll explain later, when you’re old enough to care.) Just rushing from one building to another, and then back to the car again, feels like such a brutal effort. At least for me. Both of you wee ones, however, seem completely unconcerned with the lethal temps.

Ben, as long as you’re awake, any scenery is good scenery. And Jackson, you are such a trooper it’s unbelievable. Speaking of which, you had a terrible bout with the stomach flu this past week, and even though you were exhausted and pasty white, you still had a smile on your face. I myself would have been buried under the covers sobbing and begging for mercy. But you took it in stride like a champ. I was amazed and inspired to try and suck it up a little the next time I started ailing.

One cool thing about winter was watching you, Jackson, play in the snow with your cousin Hayden. You even rode a sled like a big boy! You still haven’t quite mastered the art of holding on, but Hayden kept you steady. Next year, your little brother will be out there, too. Arguing about why he should get to ride in front instead of you.