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Spawn of Griffith | What a year!

What a year!

Friday December 22, 2006 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

In terms of eventfulness, 2006 was anything but dull. In fact, in was at once the best and most frustrating year ever. Saving the best for last, here’s a quick run down on all the crap we’ve had to deal with this year.

The company I worked for (Albertsons), was sold to Supervalu in early summer. Naturally I was freaking out wondering if I was going to keep my job, or if I did keep it, if I was going to have to move to Minneapolis. Not the kind of crisis you want to be facing when you have a new baby! Fortunately though, I did keep my job and I didn’t have to move. In fact, things look like they’re going to be better than they were under the old company.

In August it came time to refinance our mortgage. Anyone whose ever done this knows how much it can suck. Even a solid credit rating doesn’t spare you from revealing everything about your life to your mortgage company. What shocks me the most is how indifferent these companies seem about getting you as a client. Is business that good that they can afford to take days to return your calls, give out as little information on how the process is going as possible, and generally make you feel like you’re unworthy of them even considering you for a mortgage? Mortgage brokers are the spawn of the devil I tell you.

The final trial of the year was building our horse shelter and fence. Both the fence builders and contractor we hired to build the shelter promised us they would be finished in early fall. No such luck. The fence was finally finished in mid-October, while the shelter wasn’t done until sometime in November! (It was finally done a week before it snowed.) Those who know my wife’s empathy for our animals can guess she was about ready to hang the contractor from the tree in the pasture. I was ready to hang him because Dalia was already tired and stressed out looking after Jack every day and this almost put her over the edge.

Now on to the good stuff!

Thankfully the year started out with the best event of our lives—our son Jackson’s birth! Though the first four months were brutal (in a good way), the last six have been amazing! And despite our numerous character flaws, we’ve managed to raise a very happy little boy. Whenever we were feeling down in the dumps, all it took was one smile from Jack to wash away all the bad feelings. (Seriously, the boy is so damn cute I think his smile alone would reform the hardest of criminals.) Soon he’ll be walking, and talking, and things will get even better!

Last of all, things have been going great with my side project Thin Slice. We managed to snag some substantial accounts, and we’ve come up with our own idea for a project that we hope will allow us to quit our full time jobs and start our own company. I’m so excited at the idea of being part of something that will potentially help revolutionize an industry. I promise I’ll fill everyone in when we get closer to our spring launch date.

Though 2006 was a doozy, 2007 is looking like it’s going to be a real barn burner. (For those of you who didn’t already know, we’re expecting another baby!) I can’t wait for New Years to be over!