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Spawn of Griffith | Week two recap

Week two recap

Monday February 27, 2006 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

It’s amazing how much we’ve learned in just a week, but I know there’s still a ton to learn about our little hell raiser.

We’re definitely getting better at interpreting his cries and whines. I’d guess 90% of the time we’re on the money when figuring out what’s wrong. Mind you at this age baby’s needs are pretty simple – feed ‘em, change ‘em, and love ‘em. As he gets older I have no doubt he’ll be throwing his share of curve balls.

He’s also getting the idea that day time is for playing (with some naps), and night time is for sleeping. As expected though, sleeping isn’t something that comes easy to us. It’s a horrible feeling when you wake to your baby’s cries for food and it feels like you just fed him 15 mins ago, when really two hours have passed. And just for kicks every now and again he’ll decide sleeping is the last thing he wants to do, and will fuss until he gets his mommy or daddy time.

Naturally, any ills or inconveniences we suffer are all worth while when he’s sitting on your lap staring intently at you and the world around him. Soon he’ll be smiling and it will be whole new ball game!

This week is also the week I go back to work. I can spend it working from home thankfully but it means I need to start sleeping through the night. I feel for Dalia, the poor thing is gonna be wiped out tackling the night feedings solo. But when I get home she can nap or do anything she likes while I watch the wee man.

Anyhoo, breaking news will come when it happens. God bless the internets.