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Spawn of Griffith | The Force is strong with this one

The Force is strong with this one

Monday March 3, 2008 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

Recently, while I was playing one of my Xbox 360 games, I put the controller down for a little while so I could cook some lunch. A few minutes later I looked over at the television and noticed my game character was moving around the screen. After a brief moment of wondering if my game was possessed, I saw that Jack had picked up my controller, parked himself in his favorite chair, and was now happily flicking the joysticks around.

What was most surprising was that he wasn’t just mindlessly fiddling with the controls, he was watching the TV while he was doing it. Meaning he knew that whatever he did with that controller, would affect the little man on the screen! He was even holding it the right way!

Naturally I was way impressed. I knew the little guy was smart, but I never thought he would figure out complex electronics anytime soon!

The upside is now I can start training him for his first video game tournament! Ha!