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The big 0-1

Sunday February 11, 2007 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

Last night, we celebrated Jackson’s first year with a party honoring both his birthday and my Dad’s big day (Feb. 12th and 7th, respectively). To say Jack had fun would be an understatement, thanks to the following:

1. New stuff! Presents from parents and grandparents provided minutes of fun before other influences like the dog and some scratch paper caught his eye.

2. Food, part one: Roasted potatoes off Mommy’s plate and lots of laughter and funny faces from around the table made dinner time a blast.

3. Singing! One of his favorite moments, by far. He raised his hands in the air and grinned from ear to ear as the table sang “Happy Birthday.” In fact, he loved it so much, we sang it three times.

4. Cake! A little suspicious, at first, but ultimately yummy and fun to smear all over his clothes and drop on the floor.

Finally, after a few hours of partying, sleepiness and major over-stimulation took it’s toll and the crusties crept in. But they were no match for the coolness that was Jack’s first birthday. (Be sure to check out the new pics Hugh took during the party.)