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Spawn of Griffith | Socializing Jack

Socializing Jack

Sunday October 8, 2006 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

Recently, we’ve been leaving Jack with a neighbor (who’s certified for child care) a few hours a week, just to give yours truly a little time off. At first, I could only stand to leave him for about half an hour. Especially since his eyes would well up with tears when I dropped him off, and then again when I arrived to pick him up. But soon enough, Jack started to love hanging with his new friends—James, 3 months, and Katie, 5 years—the latter of whom dotes on him like her favorite doll, and the former sparks endless fascination (and maybe a little hint of “I can crawl and you can’t” syndrome).

As for Mom, herself, I’ve finally arrived at a point where a few hours without my Boo can be a nice thing. Of course, all the responsible activities I plan in his absence are always cast aside in favor of an extended nap, or a near-catatonic date with the TV. And thanks to Jacky’s new posse, there’s no guilt on my end. Although after a while, I’m eagerly counting the minutes until Hugh walks through the door with our little Boo in tow.

Isn’t it cool when stuff actually works out?