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Spawn of Griffith | Review: Jeep Liberty Limited Stroller

Review: Jeep Liberty Limited Stroller

Wednesday May 24, 2006 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

Jeep Liberty Limited All Terrain StrollerBecause my wife and I chose to live well away from the teeming masses in Boise, and in the beautiful wilderness to the north, we didn’t have a lot of options when it came to picking a stroller. All of the roads around us are dirt, and the small plastic wheels on most strollers just weren’t going to cut it.

The Liberty is a full size stroller that’s sort of a hybrid between a jogger and a regular stroller. Three air-filled, 11 inch in diameter, tires mean baby will have a bump-free ride over smooth, or slightly rough terrain. The front swiveling wheel helps maintain maneuverability and can also be locked in place for those travelling down long, straight prairie roads.

One of my favorite things about this stroller is how easy it is to fold up and store with just one hand. Twist the handle while pushing a lever with your thumb and the whole thing folds effortlessly in half. (It is a bit larger and heavier than other strollers but it’s negligible in my opinion.)

Compared to most strollers this baby is loaded with extra features. The coolest by far is the speaker system that lets you plug an iPod into it so you can listen to music on the move. (I don’t remember seeing this feature on any other strollers.) Also included is a reclining seat back, five-point safety harness, retractable canopy, two removable saddle bags on either side of the seat, snack and drink trays for both child and parent, a large storage basket under the seat, an electronic toy steering wheel that can be snapped on the child tray, and an air pump for pumping up the tires. Seems they thought of everything!

Lastly, this stroller has really nice styling. Ours is olive green and black with red trim, and has a very “outdoorsy” feel to it. (If you dress your baby in REI over the GAP then this is the stroller for you.)

All-in-all this thing just looks badass. Like a monster truck you’ll feel like you could roll right over those wimpy stollers you see at the mall. (Guys, this is a stoller you can be proud to push around.)

If you’re interesting in buying, Amazon has it for a great price.

(Disclaimer: This is merely the opinion of someone who has purchased the product and used it on a regular basis. I am by no means an expert reviewer.)