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Spawn of Griffith | Review: Carter's baby clothes

Review: Carter's baby clothes

Saturday March 25, 2006 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

Parents are provided an abundance of options when it comes to baby clothes, everyone makes them. But believe me they are not all alike.

The best we’ve found so far, and our friends with babies agree, are Carter’s. They don’t get high marks for being fashionable per say. Most of their stuff has the corny sayings and cutesy pictures you’d expect for baby. Nor are the color options particularly exciting. Again, it’s what’s you’d expect, pastels and other soft tones. What they really score well on is the snaps. They have nice, big snaps. When the time comes you’ll realize how important this is. (Nothing is more frustrating than fumbling with a tiny snap at 3am, knowing every second you take dressing your baby is a second closer to them waking up and flipping out.)

They also hold up well after multiple washings. Important again considering how often a day your baby will spit up on, or pee on occasionally, each of their outfits.

One minor flaw my wife informs me of, are the tags. Apparently they can be a bit scratchy. Nothing a pair of scissors can’t remedy.

(Disclaimer: This is merely the opinion of someone who has purchased the product and used it on a daily basis. I am by no means an expert reviewer.)