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Spawn of Griffith | Mother's Day and Me

Mother's Day and Me

Monday May 15, 2006 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

Somewhere between the Hallmark ads and the never-ending spam pushing cheap flowers, it occurred to me that I was now part of the maternal club. I’m officially a Mom. It’s going to take some getting used to, though, as Mother’s Day up until now was always about remembering to call my own Mom and staying as far away from family restaurants as humanly possible.

But I have to admit, this celebratory thing is pretty cool. No, it’s extremely cool, thanks to Hugh and his killer gift. It wasn’t anything material, because what I craved more than flowers or whatever most moms get was the freedom to sleep in, ride my horse, and do anything else that struck my fancy at the time.

He took over all the Jack chores—feeding, changing poopy diapers, easing him through those crusty moments, and so much more—while I got to swoop in during the happy play times, and put my feet up when the challenging stuff took over. It was bliss.

Thanks baby!