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MIA, etc ...

Friday September 8, 2006 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

Not sure how many people actually read these things—Hugh has the numbers but I always forget to ask (I’m guessing they’re not astronomical)—however, those who do have undoubtedly noticed that it’s been shamefully long since either of us posted anything.

Right at this very moment, Jack is letting out this high-pitched squeal that seems to suggest feelings of frustration mixed with excitement. The latter is a result of all the cool stuff he’s stealing from the coffee table from inside his walker, which he’s learned to park well within grabbing distance. But he almost brought down a full cup of water last night so the reachable items have to be calculated by yours truly. As for the frustration, he’s showing signs of needing a nap, but as we’re heading to grandma’s soon, it’ll be easier on all of us if he waits.

Oh yeah! I got so caught up in all my bitching that I forgot the REALLY important development: Jack is this close to crawling. He has the up-on-his-knees-and-hands position, he just needs to get coordinated. Right now he kind of scoots both knees forward, but that doesn’t cover the kind of ground he’s looking for, which eventually pisses him off. Oh, but he’s so unbelievably cute when he’s trying—we cherish every second.

Ps: Be sure to check out the amazing pics Hugh took yesterday. The light is just amazing!