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Spawn of Griffith | Jack's many mysteries

Jack's many mysteries

Tuesday October 24, 2006 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

One thing we noticed immediately about Jack is that he likes to do different stuff with different people. For example, he loves to dance with my Mom—one of his two awesome grandmas—and while he sometimes goes through the motions with me, it’s not nearly as heartfelt.

He also loves kicking back with his Dad on the couch. They’ll sit for the longest time, hanging out and watching TV, and aside from Jacky’s occasional glances up (just to be sure Hugh’s still there), neither moves or makes a sound. (Except for Hugh’s more-frequent-than-I-thought-possible gaseous “expressions.” But that’s another story all together …)

Anyway, Jack loves my Dad because after extended periods of constant fawning courtesy of my Mom and me, Grandpa’s a welcome reprieve. Not to say he doesn’t fawn over Jack, but it’s in a much mellower, guy-like sort of way. And it’s obvious Jacky knows the difference between men and women—and that he falls into the former category—because he transitions from pampered baby to laid back dude without even thinking about it.

As for Mom, I’m the one who eases fears and heals the boo boos; whenever and wherever uncertainty surfaces, he looks to me first for support.

It still amazes me that yes, I’m an icon in the eyes of this beautiful child, instead of the ordinary person I am in every other facet of my life. While Jack’s adoration is an unparalleled gift, there are still times when I feel unworthy. Almost guilty. But more than anything, I feel blessed that such a wonderful little guy actually thinks I’m pretty cool!