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Spawn of Griffith | First impressions

First impressions

Saturday August 4, 2007 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

Well, Ben is starting to develop the beginnings of a personality, and here’s what we’ve noticed thus far:

1. He sucks down food like crazy. Every hour this boy is hankering for another bottle, and he gets royally pissed off if he doesn’t get it right away.

2. He’s a bionic baby. Ben’s been lifting his head up to look around since day one—he’s even starting to bear weight on his legs!

3. He’s “complicated.” If the wind blows slightly off kilter, or if the stars and moon don’t align exactly right, this boy has a meltdown.

4. He loves to be cuddled. Despite his complexities, Ben’s still a baby underneath who wants to be held tight. But not too tight (or not tight enough) because he’ll raise hell.

5. He much prefers our bed to his. I know, I know, letting your baby sleep in your own bed potentially lays the foundation for troubles down the line. But he’s only three weeks old. And if we can get back to sleep at 3 a.m. by moving him in between us, we’re gonna do it and deal with the consequences later. When we’re actually sleeping again.

6. He has blue eyes! I only know of brown-eyed relatives on either side of my family, so who knows where the recessive gene came from. But it was there, apparently, and it pulled through!