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Spawn of Griffith | Dear Jack, volume ????

Dear Jack, volume ????

Wednesday May 30, 2007 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

A couple weeks ago, my brother (your uncle), Steve, his wife, Patty, and their son—my nephew, your cousin—Mark flew out from Georgia to visit all of us, and, of course, to finally meet you. As I had anticipated, you took to them immediately, especially Mark, who earned major points by hanging out under the dinner table with you while the over-20 set chatted about stuff. And then willingly taking about three hundred of your special “tours” up and down the hallway. All without complaint! That’s more than I can say …

It was a thrill for your Dad and me to watch you interact with more family, especially so close on the heels of your “big boy” trip up north last month. We can’t wait until you and your brother are big enough to travel to Georgia with us—maybe in another year or so?—to see that part of the country. Being a history buff, your Dad will be in heaven, and you little rugrats will undoubtedly love terrorizing the sprawling parks and attractions the area has to offer.

Most importantly, though, we want you to be close to your family on both sides. They all love you, and it’s obvious the feeling is mutual.