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Spawn of Griffith | Dear Jack - Dad's turn V

Dear Jack - Dad's turn V

Thursday May 3, 2007 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

This weekend marked another big milestone in your young life—your first airplane ride!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little worried about whether or not you’d have a conniption mid-air because either your ears hurt, or you were ticked that you were confined to such a small space. Fortunately though, you proved to be a master traveler!

The first half of our trip wasn’t exactly enjoyable since we were sitting next to a large gentleman who hogged most of our space. He did his best to pretend you didn’t exist, but you made sure to remind him now and again! Thankfully, you also found plenty of ways to entertain yourself. You especially loved snapping the release on my seat belt. (It’s a miracle you didn’t get your fingers caught in there!) You were also occasionally interested in looking out the window when the ground wasn’t obscured by clouds. Lastly, there happened to a 10 month old baby girl sitting in the seat behind us who loved to stare and flirt with you. (Which you returned with equal enthusiasm.)

Our stay in Abbotsford was a good one, but it was pretty overwhelming for you to meet all of your family and friends. As expected you also had a hard time sleeping in a new place. Fortunately you were able to sleep with me in relative peace. (Your first sleep in a big bed!) Once the trauma of meeting everyone subsided I think you had a great time. You especially enjoyed playing with your cousin Hayden.

Speaking of Hayden, he sure loved you! Every time you got upset he would touch you reassuringly and say “it’s OK little bird.” By the end of our trip you were following him everywhere. Hopefully, the two of you will be close friends all of your life.

The trip home was perfect. We had our own seat for the short flight, and for the 2nd we were lucky enough to sit next to a young woman who was studying to be teacher, and loved children. And best of all you slept almost the entire hour and a half!

So all in all, you proved to be quite the little adventurer. Which makes future trips all the more appealing on our end.