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Spawn of Griffith | Dear Jack: Dad's turn II

Dear Jack: Dad's turn II

Monday June 19, 2006 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

Yesterday was Father’s day, and it was pretty surreal for obvious reasons. There aren’t many days that go by where I’m not blown away by the fact that you are my son. Not my brother’s. Not a friend’s. But mine. I’m also constantly amazed at how much I love and adore you. Every time you smile at me I’m practically choking back tears. It’s an overwhelming, and unfamiliar, feeling knowing that you are now the center of my universe.

The last couple weeks have marked a few milestones in your early development. The first being that you slept for almost 12 hours straight. (Up until this point you woke up every 4 1/2 – 5 hours like clock work.) The first night it happened I was naturally confused and a little worried. I must have checked on you three or four times before I went to bed to make sure you were OK. Now, it’s business as usual. You sleep peacefully only waking occasionally to gurgle and coo to yourself for a short period each night.

The second is we started mixing solid food in with your bottle. Your mother is convinced this is why you now sleep so long, but I’m not conceding that point either way without some conclusive data to back it up.

The third milestone is that you figured out how to roll over on to your side. (Personally, I think this is what has impacted your sleeping the most.) I love watching you rock back and forth as you try roll over after I put you to bed. You still haven’t figured out how to get on to your back from your belly, but I’m sure you’ll make a break through any day now.

What makes me most proud though is seeing what a happy baby you are. From sun up to sun down you’re smiling. The exceptions being when you are hungry or tired. This makes me feel like your mother and I must be doing a good job raising you. What more could a parent ask for?