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Spawn of Griffith | Dear Ben

Dear Ben

Monday November 26, 2007 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

I was just about to write a post gushing about your kind heart and startling beauty, but then you peed all over my arms and shirt so I changed my mind. Did you have to hit the couch and the throw pillows, too? Oh well, from now on I’ll just be sure your Dad gets the tainted ones—once they dry he’ll never know the difference.

Actually, now that the urine has dried, you suddenly seem sweet and adorable, again, which I think is the key to surviving parenthood. If you kiddies weren’t so damn cute, we’d all be in jail.

Conveniently, you easily fit into your brother’s hand-me-downs now, so we’re basically begging people not to buy you any more clothes. Between the two of you, we have piles of little pants, shirts, mismatched socks and everything else stacked all over the house. It’s starting to get out of control, actually, but we’ll let Dad figure that one out (see a pattern, here?).

In all seriousness, you really are an amazing baby. Your Dad and I are forever wondering aloud how we managed to produce such great little boys. You both seem to have picked up all our good qualities, and have yet to show any of the not-so-good ones. I’m guessing that won’t last, but I’m going to brag about it while I can.