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Spawn of Griffith | Dear Beck No. 1

Dear Beck No. 1

Thursday December 27, 2007 | by Hugh Griffith | 0 comments

Hello boys! Since little Ben is now in the world, it wouldn’t be fair of me to continue writing to Jackson alone. So, I’ve decided to be lazy and write to both of you at once from now on. Besides, it seems to take an extraordinary amount of effort for me to even write one letter, so Lord knows when I would get around to writing two! Anyhow, I’ll start with Jack this time since he’s the oldest , but I’ll do my best to alternate with who’s first in the future.

Well son #1, obviously a lot has changed since I wrote to you last. Obviously you have grown considerably (you’re as big as a 2 1/2 year old at 20 months!), but Ben’s birth has probably affected you the most. I think in the beginning you weren’t really sure what to make of your brother, or maybe you thought he wasn’t around to stay. Whichever it was, you were surprisingly oblivious of him, and continued on as the happy-go-lucky little boy you’d been before. Your mother and I were naturally shocked that you seemed to be taking it so well, and breathed a sigh a relief at your contentedness. Sadly, that relief was short lived. I guess once you figured out little Ben was here to stay, you weren’t happy at all! For a while you were throwing tantrums, and whatever was at hand, at random moments throughout the day. One minute you’d be happy, next you be screaming your head off! While we obviously had to pay a lot of attention to Ben, Mom and I did our best to make sure you didn’t feel neglected. I think it worked because after a few weeks you mellowed out considerably.

It’s also obvious that you’ve accepted your brother, and take moments out of the day to spend time rapping him on the head, poking him in the eye, and bonking him with your various limbs as you play around, and sometimes on, him. Naturally we know you don’t mean to hurt him, you just don’t have the coordination yet to properly show your love. But the gesture means the world to us, and especially Ben, who loves watching his big brother rampage about the house.

Another huge change in your life recently has been enrolling you in daycare a couple of days a week. This decision was motived solely by the desire for you to make some friends and be around other children your own age. (Mom and Dad’s hermit life style in the Idaho hills make it hard to do this otherwise.) Other than grandma and grandpa we’ve never left you alone with anyone, and you were understandably freaked out. Though we knew you’d grow to love it, nothing was harder for your mother and I than leaving you alone. Your tears at our leaving was almost unbearable, and it took all of our will power not to rush back, scoop you into our arms, and put as much distance between you and the daycare as possible, never to return! Fortunately, with each drop off your cries grew less intense, and you began to appreciate your new friends.

Developmentally, you are doing great. Though you still aren’t talking much, you continue to learn and improve your coordination every day. Here are some of the major things you’ve accomplished in the last few months:

> climbing up and down the stairs by yourself
> navigating single steps (like on the front deck) without getting down on all fours
> mastering the high and low five
> spinning in place
> clapping
> opening and closing cupboards and drawers
> going in and out of the front screen door

Best of all, your mile-a-minute actions provide endless entertainment for the whole family. And it’s only going to get better!

Even though you’re are immobile at this point Ben, you’re still a kick in the pants! You’ve evolved to the stage where everything around you is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. Your little head darts this way and that taking in as much as possible. It’s especially fun to see you get so excited. Your limbs flail, you hyperventilate, and your little eyes bug out of your head! You’ve found your voice too. You squeak, chirp and babble all day long.
Best of all, you are such a happy little boy! All it takes to get you grinning from ear to ear is to look at you.

Your big development milestone has been rolling over on your tummy. Though you have mixed feelings about. There have been many nights when you’ve waken up on your belly and haven’t been too thrilled about. Of course, after I’ve flipped you over you roll back five minutes later!

Anyhoo, I think you’re much more accepting about it now. I often find you on your front side when I come to get you in the morning and you seem pretty content. Before you know it you’ll be able to roll yourself back on your backside.