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Spawn of Griffith | Back in action

Back in action

Wednesday September 10, 2008 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

It’s been forever and a day since my last post, and even though the few readers we had are undoubtedly long gone, I do want to keep this up so we can use it to embarrass the boys someday.

Jackson, you’re so cute and kind-hearted it makes my head spin. You love playing with Benny, and while sharing is still a challenge, the two of you have a blast. Especially outside in the dirt! Nothing says “this day rules” like dust-smeared faces and filthy clothing that has to be removed before you’re allowed back inside the house. Your Dad and I love watching you both wear each other out, whether you’re digging, playing trucks, or just racing around like hellions. That being said, Jack, you’ve also embraced the “terrible twos” in full force, and while you’re a sweetheart most of the time, the tantrums do happen, and they’re fierce to say the least. Kicking, hitting, screaming, throwing stuff. Fortunately your Dad and I work in tandem to keep this behavior at bay so it hasn’t overshadowed your endearing nature. But there are moments when I look at you flailing around on the ground and wonder how all this insanity could be spewing forth from my sweet little boy.

Benny, you’re adorable as always, and all over the place. No walking yet, but you’re the master crawler and can pretty much climb anything you want to explore. Stairs are your specialty, though, and you and Jackson scramble to the second floor whenever possible. There really isn’t that much up there, but I’m guessing the allure of exploring a semi-forbidden area is a fascination in itself. Also, you’re getting feisty like your brother. You’ve quickly picked up “NO” and use it as often as possible. Of course, when we turn the tables you pay no attention. Stubborn! I can only imagine what your “terrible twos” will bring—thank God it’s only happening one at a time.