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Spawn of Griffith | All hail the Man in Black!

All hail the Man in Black!

Tuesday January 2, 2007 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

A while ago, we were watching the life-of-Johnny-Cash movie “Walk the Line” at home, when we noticed that every time Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) said something, Jack would stare, mesmerized. At first we just thought it was a cute one time thing, but it happened every time the movie was on—HBO plays the same stuff over and over, and usually a film you’ve seen 500x is better than the other crap—he reacted the same way. We laughed, and went on with our life.

Then a few weeks later, Jack was getting pissed in the car and we were still quite a ways from home. After increasingly-desperate attempts to pacify him—if only bring the screams down a few notches—Hugh flipped through his iPod and found a Johnny song.

The cries stopped instantly. And as long as we kept Cash playing, the boy was quiet and content until we got home.

We still weren’t convinced this would ever happened again, but it has. Many times. The second Jack hears Johnny’s voice, he’s mesmerized and we’re spared a long drive of ear-splitting screams and a super cranky baby at home.

Maybe Johnny’s younger brother, Jack, has been reborn in our boy! We could be nurturing the next Waylon, or Steve Earle, or maybe even Johnny, himself?!?

OK, maybe not. But we definitely owe the Man in Black a few beers in the afterlife …