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Spawn of Griffith | Alive and well

Alive and well

Sunday October 21, 2007 | by Dalia Griffith | 0 comments

Well, it seems that raising two young kids occupies nearly every minute of every day, which might explain my pathetic lapse in posts.
Or, it could just be my lack of energy when evening rolls around. But I suppose that could be plain laziness, too. Either way, I’ll blame the kids. I can do that now, right?

So here’s the stuff that matters: Ben is enormous—he’s already wearing 6-9 month clothes at a mere three months of age. And not nearly as grouchy as he was during those first two months. Man, those were tough times. Especially when you throw extreme sleep deprivation into the mix. Sometimes Hugh and I would just stare at him, after countless failed attempts at pacification, and wonder why our little boy was so pissed off. He was only a few weeks old! If he’s this worked up now, wait until he gets further down the line—his head will explode!

But he’s calmed down considerably—and has even grown into a really happy little guy—so all is relatively peaceful in the Griffith lair. Jackson has even taken a liking to his little brother, although, this happened after a long time spent grappling with insecurities brought on by having to share Mom and Dad. He’s back to arming himself with the binky/blanket arsenal at all times, but he’s smiling again and that’s all that matters.