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Spawn of Griffith | about

Why Spawn of Griffith?

Initially we came up with the title because we were thinking most of our writing would be about raising our son, Jackson. Though really it could apply to anything "born" of our twisted minds that finds its way on to the site.

Meet the Griffith family

Kid No. 1 – Jackson Henry Griffith

Forged from the mighty genes of Hugh and Dalia Griffith, Jackson ensures his parents day is filled with poopy diapers, sore arms (he’s nearly 16 pounds these days!), and the overwhelming joy of knowing how awesome he really is.

Kid No. 2 – Benjamin Hunter Griffith

All the benefits of Kid No. 1 — with half the weight!

La Madre – Dalia Griffith

What can I say? I exist.

The Paterfamilia – Hugh Griffith

Graphic designer, gamer, hiker, lion tamer—Hugh has worn many hats. Possessing staggering good looks, and an even more impressive lack of intelligence, he provides hours of frustration for his exasperated family. Hugh is proud member of Thin Slice. You can also view his online portfolio here.